Paper Registration Forms

Student Enrollment Form: Complete all sections, except the “For Office Use Only” box. Please be sure to sign and date the bottom.

Residency Affidavit: This is used to verify proof of address. Please be sure to sign and date the bottom. Based on the responses given on the Residency Affidavit,

The McKinney-Vento Residency Form may also need to be completed.

Home Language Survey: Please complete all sections:

NH DOE Home Language Survey Page: Home Language Survey

Student Health History: A comprehensive summary of previous and chronic health issues, including prenatal concerns, for the school nurse records. Please be sure to sign and date the bottom.

Physical Exam Form: Every child is required to have a physical before entry to public school. If your child has had a physical within the last year, the doctor will complete this form based on those findings.

Please make sure the child's immunization Record is included. Children must have proof of all required immunizations, documentation of immunity, or valid exemptions in order to be admitted or enrolled in NH Schools.

The following documents, also available below, are optional:

Vaccination exemptions: Please refer to Manchester School District Policy Students 142: Immunizations.

Updated 12-2022