Student Report: Focused on the future with CTE programs

Editor’s note: Student Report is a new feature in our monthly newsletter featuring student-created content and news stories. Each month, a student from a different school is featured. Up this month, Manchester School of Technology.

By Blaise Loughner, Manchester School of Technology

Manchester School of Technology, MST, affords students many unique opportunities. Students who go here full time have one significant advantage over students from sending schools: they can easily, due to scheduling, take a CTE (Career and Technical Education) a year before other students. Usually, students outside of MST High School take a CTE as Juniors and Seniors; however, at MST High School, Sophomores can take a CTE if they meet competency in their classes. Because of this opportunity, many students, such as myself, can handle multiple CTEs. One of the CTEs I have taken is the Health Professions CTE, which delves into health occupations.

In Health Professions, students learn about HIPAA and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. I took this class because I plan to work as a medic in the US Army and attend medical school as a neurosurgeon. Because of this class, I have a leg up compared to others applying to college or university.

The second and technically third CTE I am taking is the Fire & EMT CTE. These are double the period length but only take up one semester. These CTEs train students to be good first responders in almost any situation. In each of those classes, students like me have several teachers working in the profession. Students are welcome to go on a ride-along with firefighters and EMTs.

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