New Teacher Contract

Media release: Manchester School District teachers get new contract


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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Manchester School District teachers get new contract

Two-year agreement will help District recruit, retain best educators

MANCHESTER – On Tuesday night, the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a contract between the Manchester School District and the Manchester Education Association (MEA).

The contract was approved unanimously, and is being praised by both educators and city and school officials for ensuring the district can recruit and retain high quality educators.

“This contract is a continuation of the strong collaborative work between the District and teachers on behalf of students,” said Superintendent of Schools Jenn Gillis. “Through several challenging years of the pandemic, our teachers have shown their dedication, tenacity and flexibility working in support of our students. That same spirit really carried over into contract negotiations, with a strong focus on how each decision would impact students. This agreement is a recognition of the impact our teachers have, as well as an investment in improved student outcomes. I want to thank everyone involved in negotiating this agreement, as well as the Board of School Committee and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for voting to support it.”

Mayor Joyce Craig said the benefits of the new agreement will extend beyond students, staff and families to the entire community.

“Great communities need great schools, and great schools need great teachers,” Craig said. “This contract helps Manchester retain the dedicated educators already in our classrooms, recruit the next generation of teachers, and send a strong message to our students, families and staff that our community supports strong public schools.”

MEA President Sue Hannan said the union’s negotiating team is proud of the finished successor collective bargaining agreement.

“Keeping a mature document that still addresses up to date issues is always part of the goal, but both teams worked very hard to achieve other goals as well,” Hannan said. “Attracting and retaining quality educators is of main importance. The contract identifies that efficiently, while taking action for those educators who have lost steps due to past negotiations, and recognizing those who have veteran experience. This collaboration shows how working together toward common goals makes Manchester rise in public education.”

The two-year agreement, which goes into effect immediately, will directly benefit students by maximizing instructional time, recruiting new teachers and retaining current teachers. Here are some highlights of the agreement:

  • Increasing starting pay: Aids in recruitment of new teachers by increasing teacher starting pay to $42,435, on par with surrounding communities

  • Loan repayment: As an added benefit, entry-level teachers may be eligible for loan repayment incentive if they commit to five years service in the District

  • Extending school day: Adds 10 minutes of additional instructional time to each school day

  • Remote learning days: Allows District to hold remote learning days instead of canceling school due to inclement weather (after first three cancellations)

  • Retention bonuses: Utilizes federal COVID-19 funds to provide bonuses to current teachers who stay with the district

  • Wage increases: Provides wage increases for all teachers in each year of the negotiated contract