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On January 31, 2019 Andru Volinsky and John Tobin came to Memorial High School to share their Ed Funding 101 presentation.

Thank you to the City of Manchester Library trustees for allowing teens ages 12-17 to get library cards without parent permission. Also, a big thank you to City of Manchester Teen Librarian Alex Graves and MST Teacher Jillian Corey who worked very hard for this change to take place. All students ages 12-17 need is a photo ID, proof of school enrollment, or school ID.

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“If you ask any of the coaches in the city who knew him, even when he was 9 and 10, we knew he was the best player we’d ever seen,” LaBerge said. “We’re so proud of him and happy for him because he’s made it all happen.”

Students from Parker-Varney School share what they have learned in the FIRST LEGO League Jr Program in 4th grade.

August 2018: Velcro University at West High School is all set and ready for students! This summer volunteers from Velcro Brand worked to redesign a classroom so Manchester's newest class offering can begin this year.

This public-private partnership will not only help Manchester students learn personal and technical skills, it will help equip our community with a brand-new way to encourage workforce readiness. I want to thank Velcro for everything they have done to make this project a reality.