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Mission of Manchester School District


Promise of Manchester School District

Every student in Manchester is known by name, served by strength and need, and graduates ready for college, career, and community.


Located on the banks of the Merrimack River, Manchester, New Hampshire, was settled in the early 1700s and incorporated as a city in 1846. Today, with a population of more than 107,000, Manchester is the largest city in Northern New England.

Expansion of the Manchester airport, one of the nation's fastest growing airports, has provided the area with numerous economic development opportunities, including the construction of the new 10,000 seat SNHU Arena. A vibrant community that has experienced a rebirth in recent years, Manchester is the home of six colleges and universities and several leading technology and manufacturing firms.

Despite spectacular growth, Manchester has been careful to preserve the best of its rich past. A creative blend of old and new architecture, the city retains the character and intimacy of close-knit neighborhoods while offering the amenities of a larger city. The result is a quality of life that offers something for everyone.

The Manchester School District is the state's largest and oldest school system. The District is governed by a fifteen member committee that is elected every two years. The Mayor serves as chairperson of the Board.

The District is comprised of a developmental preschool program,14 elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools, including a Career and Technical Education Center, and a program for adult education. The District serves nearly 12,700 students and employs 2,000 faculty and staff.

As a community with an increasingly diverse population, MSD offers a wide range of programs and initiatives. More than 2,200 students are English Language Learners who, as immigrants or refugees, are non-English proficient. The EL program provides English language instruction and offers students assistance with cultural assimilation.

The Manchester School District and the City of Manchester are united in their desire to provide students with quality education in wholesome environments.

Providing an exceptional education for its children heads the list of Manchester's priorities. Partnerships with the business community are highly valued. Together, working with students, parents, educators, school administrators, elected officials, and the community at-large, Manchester's education system is proactive and visionary.

Superintendents Years Served

John Goldhardt, 2019 - 2022

Bolgen Vargas, 2016-2019

Debra Livingston, 2013-2016

Thomas J. Brennan, Jr. 2008-2013

Michael Ludwell 2002-2007

Normand A. Tanguay 1997-2002

Leonard J. Bernard 1994-1997

Eugene W. Ross 1987-1994

Richard L. Henderson 1985-1987

Henry J. McLaughlin 1970-1985

William E. Kelly 1966-1970

John T. McDonald 1959-1966

Augusta M. Nichols 1954-1958

Austin J. McCaffrey 1947-1954

Austin J. Gibbons 1938-1947

Louis P. Benezet 1924-1938

Frank A. Morris 1923-1924

Charles W. Bickford 1900-1916

William S. Buck 1877-1900

Josiah Dearborn 1875-1876