Attendance and Early Dismissal

Absence: If your child is absent, please call or notify the school. When he or she returns to school you must send in a note explaining the absence.

Leaving School Early: If your child needs to be dismissed during the school day, send a note with your child in the morning. Dismissal procedures differ from school to school. Consult your school handbook or call the school office to learn the proper procedure.

Early Release Day: Days that are noted as Early Release days means that the school will begin at its normally scheduled time, but will let out early. Elementary school early release time is at 11:15 AM. The Middle School early release time is at 12:10 PM and the High School early release time is 12:53 PM. School buses will still transport children according to the same procedure, just earlier in the day. Sometimes this is also referred to as a “half day.”

For inclement weather procedures click here for more information about school closing and delays.