Food Resources

Manchester School District will continue to distribute food throughout the summer by bus. We have combined routes, so there are now a total of four routes: North, East, South and West. The routes will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, dropping two days of food on Monday and Wednesday and one day of food on Friday.

In addition to the four bus routes, effective Monday, we are distributing food from four static locations each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-9:30 a.m. Those locations are: Beech Street Elementary School, Northwest Elementary School, West High School and Hillside Middle School.

North route

7:30 am: Start from Beech Street Elementary School

7:33 am (Stop 1): Merrimack Street at Lincoln Street [SW]

7:38 am (Stop 2): Lake Avenue at Beech Street [N]

7:44 am (Stop 3): Pine Street at Orange Street [SE]

7:50 am (Stop 4): Elm Street at Dow Street [NW]

8:00 am (Stop 5): Mammoth Road at Wellington Terrace #1 [SE]

8:09 am (Stop 6): 286 Concord Street [N]

8:15 am (Stop 7): YWCA [N]

8:20 am (Stop 8): YMCA Teen Center – 42 Stark Street

East route

7:30 am: Start from Beech Street Elementary School

7:32 am (Stop 1): Somerville Street at Union Street [NE]

7:37 am (Stop 2): 40 Pine Street [E]

7:43 am (Stop 3): Maple Street at Silver Street [SE]

7:49 am (Stop 4): Wilson Street at Hayward Street [NW]

7:54 am (Stop 5): Hayward Street at Cypress Street [SW]

8:00 am (Stop 6): Fremont Street at Clay Street [NW]

8:08 am (Stop 7): Waverly Street at Waverly Street [NE]

8:17 am (Stop 8): Proctor Road at Lake Shore Road [SW]

8:28 am (Stop 9): Lake Avenue at Belmont Street [NE]

8:34 am (Stop 10): Spruce Street at Cypress Street [SW]

South route

7:36 am: Start from Beech Street Elementary School

7:39 am (Stop 1): 161/163 South Beech Street (Families In Transition) [W]

7:46 am (Stop 2): Bradley Street at Beech Hill Drive [NW]

7:53 am (Stop 3): Crescent Road at Springdale Road [E]

8:01 am (Stop 4): Brown Avenue at Pine Island Road (2620 Brown Avenue) [NW]

8:05 am (Stop 5): River Bank Road at Dixwell Street [SW]

8:12 am (Stop 6): Hazelton Court at Roseanne Lane #1 [N]

8:18 am (Stop 7): Brent Street At Charlotte Street [NW]

8:27 am (Stop 8): 55 Pine Avenue

8:34 am (Stop 9): Old Brown Avenue at Faith Lane [SE]

8:44 am (Stop 10): Kenberma Street at Thomas Street [S]

8:54 am (Stop 11): S. Elm Street at Mitchell Street [NE]

8:56 am (Stop 12): Riverdale Avenue at Dunbar Street [E]

West route

7:30 am: Start from Beech Street Elementary School

7:35 am (Stop 1): Bass Island Park [NW]

7:41 am (Stop 2): Erie Street at Gilford Street [N]

7:49 am (Stop 3): Milford Street at King Street [SW]

7:57 am (Stop 4): Putnam Street at Bartlett Street [NE]

8:03 am (Stop 5): Hevey Street at Bremer Street [SE]

8:09 am (Stop 6): 463 Kimball Street [N]

8:16 am (Stop 7): Pinard Street at Agnes Street [N]

8:29 am (Stop 8): Garden Drive at English Village Road (1st entrance on to Garden Drive [W]

8:37 am (Stop 9): 6/8 Country Club Driveway [S]

8:47 am (Stop 10): YMCA Teen Center – 42 Stark Street [N]