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Arrival and Dismissal Times for Schools

posted Aug 26, 2013, 6:07 PM by ‎[ARCHIVE]‎ Liane St. Laurent   [ updated Aug 26, 2013, 6:20 PM ]
Manchester Public Schools Welcome Students Back on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

Please note school hours for preschool, elementary and middle school students have changed. Our school calendar has also changed from a 180 day school year to a 175 day school year. School calendars will be distributed to all students. Should you not receive a school calendar please visit the District website at or request one from your child’s school.

For your child’s safety please ensure that your child does not arrive at school prior to the arrival time indicated below:

 Elementary Schools    8:10 a.m. Arrival Time
     8:20 a.m. Instruction Begins/Late Bell
     2:50 p.m.   Dismissal
   AM Kindergarten  8:10 a.m.  Arrival Time
     8:20 a.m.  Instruction Begins/Late Bell
     11:05 a.m.  Dismissal
   PM Kindergarten  11:55 p.m.  Arrival Time
     12:05 p.m.  Instruction Begins/Late Bell
     2:50 p.m.  Dismissal
   Half-day Preschool   8:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
 12:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.
 Middle Schools     7:32 a.m.  Arrival Time
     7:40 a.m.  Instruction Begins/Late Bell
     2:20 p.m.  Dismissal Time
 High Schools    7:45 a.m.  Instruction Begins
     2:42 p.m.  Dismissal