Administration & District Staff

 Dr. Debra Livingston, Superintendent  
 Dr. Debra Livingston
 Karen Burkush
 Assistant Superintendent
 Office of Student Services
 David Ryan, Assistant Superintendent  Karen DeFrancis, Business Administrator
 David Ryan
 Assistant Superintendent
 Curriculum & Instruction
 Karen DeFrancis
 Business Administrator
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Name Department/RoleEmail
Name Department/RoleEmail
Alley, Andrea Communications, Coordinator 
Baril, Brenda Payroll, Supervisor 
Belanger, Leah Transportation, Coordinator 
Burns, Janice Finance, Accounting Technician 
Connors, Jim School Food & Nutrition Services, Director 
Crook, Donna K. Accountability, Data Analyst 
Cruikshank, John Office of Student Services, Attendance Coordinator 
Delangie, Jeff Technology Resource Center, Director 
Demers, Brian Technology Resource Center, Technology Services Coordinator 
Donovan, Christopher Athletics, Director 
Duesing, Kenneth Office of Student Services, Assistant Director 
Ersick, Mark Office of Student Services, Associate School Psychologist 
Fazlic, Amina Human Resources, Benefits Coordinator 
Foote, Lisa Payroll, Accounting Technician 
Freitas, Jennifer Office of Student Services, Special Education Coordinator for Elementary Schools 
Gagne, Barbara Medicaid to Schools Program, Coordinator 
Golden, Polly Federal Projects, Director / Professional Development 
Grant, Chris Technology Resource Center, Information Technology Technician 
Greenspan, Paula Technology Resource Center, Applications Systems Administrator 
Gutterman, Jodi Office of Student Services, Special Education Coordinator for Middle Scools 
Hanna, Tammy Finance, Business Administrative Assistant 
Hogan, Pamela Human Resources, Director 
Jackson, Dania Office of Student Services, Out of District Placement Monitor 
Kilman, Ernest Finance, Accounting Supervisor 
Kisselburg, Pat Finance, Accounting Technician 
Langlois, Donna Office of Student Services, Accounting Technician 
Lanoie, Janina Finance, Accounting Technician 
Leahy, Maura Board of School Committee, Clerk of the Board 
Lewis, Robin Finance, Senior Accountant 
Loftus, Sheila School Food & Nutrition Services, Accounting 
Mahan, Ginny Federal Projects, Grant Writer 
Mancuso, Tracy Office of the Superintentdent, Administrative Assistant 
Mannon, Joan Technology Resource Center, Information System Support Specialist 
McLaughlin, Jacquelyn Office of Student Services, Special Education Coordinator for High Schools (Interim) 
Michael, Bobbi-Jo Human Resources, Coordinator 
Monsen, JoAnn Payroll, Accounting Technician 
Mostovoy, Donna 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Director 
Naum, Pam Receptionist, District Office 
Neuman, Virginia Office of Student Services, Administrative Assistant to Asst. Supt. 
Paris, Lisa Finance, Assistant Business Administrator 
Perron, Wendy English Learners, Director of Instruction 
Pinsonneault, Jocelyne Homeless Liaison/Parent Involvement Coordinator 
Powell, Tim Technology Resource Center, Information Technology Technician 
Richard, Samantha 21st Century Community learning Centers, Coordinator 
Roy, Joanne Human Resources, Administrative Services Manager 
Sebek, Sylvia School Food & Nutrition Services, Accounting Technician 
Simpson, Brandan Strive Program 
Snow, Patricia Innovation Zone, Executive Director 
Standish, Lynn Federal Projects/Innovation Zone, Administrative Assistant 
Standish, Lynn Federal Projects, Administrative Assistant 
St. Laurent, Liane Technology Resource Center, Educational Technology 
Sullivan-McCann, Christine Federal Projects, Administrative Service Manager 
Wallace, Michael Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program, Coordinator 
Wenzel, Christine Medicaid to Schools Program, Accounting Technician 
Yuri-Luna, Rosa Office of Student Services, Special Education/English Learners Liaison 
Showing 55 items