MSD Resolution Agreement

Goal: Increase students' opportunities to participate in higher level learning.
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The data sheet contains the steps and performance measures for the following established strategies: 1. Increase equal access to and equal opportunity to participate in Running Start and Dual Credit classes; 2. Increase the number of students enrolled in AP Courses; 3. Develop and implement a clear communication plan that provides all students with information about higher level learning opportunities; 4. Ensure focused professional development that assists district staff in breaking down barriers for students; 5. Update BOSC policies which are related to eligibility for, selection for, enrollment in, or registration in higher level learning opportunities; 6. Increase rigor of study at elementary and middle school levels; 7. Increase support for students enrolled in higher-level learning opportunities; 8. Monitor the effectiveness of any strategies implemented and make changes as soon as possible with srategies that are not proving effective in meeting the District's goal of increasing student opportunities to participate in higher-level learning; 9. Hiring Practices.